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Click here to access the T. D. Singh Foundation Online Archive

The T. D. Singh Foundation possesses a significant collection of photos, audio recordings and video recordings spanning over three decades that document the life and teachings of T. D. Singh (Sripada Bhaktisvarupa Damodara Swami) and illustrate by precept the importance of advancing understanding through the Bhagavata paradigm.

Currently, the Foundation is just beginning its archival program to preserve and make accessible the wealth of important information embodied in these materials. Without proper digitization and preservation, these treasures are at risk of deterioration, destruction and obsolescing, and with them the loss of wisdom that can illuminate for generations to come the rich and colorful heritage of a living Bhagavata.

To continue the legacy of T. D. Singh of advancing understanding through the fields of: Science & Spirituality, Education & Scholarship, Art & Culture, Inter-religious Dialogue, Peace & Welfare, the Foundation along with its volunteers and supporters are partnering in the effort to develop an online searchable archival program, which will restore, preserve and make available to the public the historical collection and teachings of T. D. Singh.