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Education & Scholarship


T.D. Singh knew first hand the many opportunities education and scholarship provide an individual throughout life’s journey. Therefore, he worked hard to give those opportunities to others by opening schools throughout Southeast Asia that currently have combined enrollment of over 4,000 students.  His network of schools offers balanced education and scholarship to sincere students, with the aspiration of training future leaders of the world. Towards this purpose he also began construction on, and gave the vision for, the University of Bhagavat Culture, Manipur, a unique University where the science of Bhagavat culture will be preserved and presented through its multifarious disciplines.


The Foundation provides support to individuals and institutions for course materials, advanced study, tuition, residency work, course development, and school development and construction. 


Grantees are given preference when their scholastic work:

Enhances a deeper devotional understanding of life and the universe

Benefits a broad, diverse and definable student base

Preserves and presents the Bhagavat cultural tradition of a specific community

Unites different Bhagavat traditions through demonstration of divine commonality

Exhibits a commitment to provide sustainable education

Requires financial assistance

Demonstrates community support

Is operated with sound administrative and fiscal management