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The T.D. Singh Foundation, through public funding and volunteer leadership, provides support for creative people and effective institutions worldwide that are committed to building a more knowledgeable, united and peaceful society. By connecting people who care with causes that matter, networking individuals and organizations, we strive to continue T.D. Singh’s legacy of advancing understanding and fostering preservation of the Bhagavata cultures of the world.


The Foundation divides its resources between building, maintaining, and increasing access to the archival collection of T.D. Singh’s writings and teachings, and supporting It’s five core programs; Science and Spirituality, Education & Scholarship, Arts & Culture, Inter-religious Dialogue, Peace & Welfare.


Our grant-making philosophy is to strengthen and sustain individuals and institutions equally in both their core capacities and their specifically defined projects in ways that further the objectives of the Foundation. Thus, we develop thoughtful, enduring relationships with grant recipients to accomplish the immediate purpose and achieve long-term meaningful results.