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Inter-religious Dialogue


It is well known that intra-religious and inter-religious conflicts create a disturbance in achieving and maintaining world peace. T. D. Singh felt that inter-religious dialogue among the world’s religious leaders is a powerful means of creating a culture of understanding and discovering the commonalities amongst various religions and societies. He worked towards creating a culture of dialogue to bring about a congenial atmosphere of tolerance and friendship and ultimately benefit humanity. He expressed the need for religions of the world to work together to formulate a global standard of ethics and morals to guide human action in the right direction.


T.D. Singh was an active participant in the worldwide activities of the United Religions Initiative (URI), an international organization and spiritual parallel of the United Nations. He felt that the way the URI is structured sets an excellent example for interfaith cooperation. He greatly appreciated its ability to inspire and encourage different communities from the grass roots level up to the institutional level.


The Foundation provides support to individuals and institutions that work to enhance inter-religious dialogue by participating in or organizing local or international seminars and conferences.


“It would be a great gift to humanity if the religious leaders of all traditions could truly imbibe the common spiritual understanding of all religions, that of ‘We are all children of God, the Supreme Father’, in order to cultivate a true culture of peace and harmony among all religions of the world.”

T. D. Singh


Dr. T.D. Singh with Pope John Paul II, the Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa