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Other Ways To Help


The T. D. Singh Foundation's mission relies on your involvement and support. Get involved by becoming a member, making a donation, volunteering, or signing up to our mailing list to get email notification of upcoming activities.


Wish list - In order to further develop public access to the archival collection of T. D. Singh's writings and teachings the Foundation has created the following wish-list. If you are able to provide any of the items below to assist in the Foundation's charitable activities, please contact us.

Adobe Suite CS5 for Mac or PC $448.00

Sonic Studio Sound editing software 

Best quality: soundBlade package $8,575.00

Second best quality: PreMaster CD Complete $1,995.00

Video capture/converter $220.00

Five 2TB external hard drives $150.00 each 

Surf the Internet - That’s right, just by searching the Internet you can be supporting the T. D. Singh Foundation and all its projects. When you use
iSearchiGive to search the web, the T. D. Singh Foundation receives $0.01 per search. The money comes from advertisers, so it costs you nothing, and it costs us nothing.  Click on the icon below to surf the internet and support the T. D. Singh Foundation.



Shop online - If you shop online, consider doing it through iGive.com where a percentage of each purchase at over 700 participating online stores is donated to the T. D. Singh Foundation. It's free for you and it's free for the T. D. Singh Foundation. Create your free iGive.com membership today by clicking on the link below.